Strong Roots Grow Strong Trees
  About Cane Creek Inc.

Cane Creek Construction was established in 2004 as a residential construction company.We began building after the devastation of the May 3rd tornados. It gave us the opportunity to help people repair structural damages and put lives back together, while creating a profitable business model and building long standing relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build, restore, and replace the unwanted with the desired. It is our goal to give you important and accurate information, so that you can make well informed decisions. Be that, to build from the ground up, to remodel, to restore what youʼve lost or just to ensure you are protected from the elements. We want to please you, the customer.

Our Vision

Our vision for our company is to grow this small, family owned and operated business, brick by brick, stone by stone, and to reach our full potential in the latest advancements inconstruction, refining our systems, as well as, keeping up with the latest technologies inthis industry. Our vision for our customer is to build a great product with you in mind, to build a strong relationship to pass through generations, and to leave a legacy we can both be proud of.


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